Rumor alert: Laptops on steroids

Rumor alert: Laptops on steroids

Forget Major League Baseball; the rumor mill is pointing to signs that the laptop world has been doping. The allegations? First, Engadget has reported that Dell will be selling the XPS Mobile Concept PC that it showed off at CES earlier this year. The prototype we saw in January was somewhere between an all-in-one PC and a laptop; it had a 20.1-inch wide-screen display and a detachable keyboard, but it folded up neatly and could be carried like a briefcase by its built-in handle. Engadget claims the production model has bulked up to a hefty 18 pounds--suspiciously large for a portable computer.

Second, there are reports of abnormally large laptops from across the pond: our colleagues in the U.K. have reviewed the Samsung M70, a desktop-replacement laptop with a 19-inch display, and reported on the Acer 9800, which has a monster 20-inch display. The American market has yet to see such gargantuan goodies, and while we don't condone laptop doping, we do hope that both the Samsung and the Acer make the leap to our shores soon.

What do you think? Should the government intervene to stop the unnatural growth of these laptops, or would you welcome the prodigious portables with open arms?

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