Rubber-like display stretches definition of OLED

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have developed a new kind of OLED display that can stretch and deform like rubber.

The flexible OLED display

When it comes to a dream laptop, my biggest dilemma is that I want the machine to be as portable as possible (aka tiny), and at the same time have a huge screen. And by huge I mean 20 inches or larger.

Now it seems there's a glimpse of hope.

According to, researchers at the University of Tokyo have developed a new kind of OLED display flexible enough to stretch or deform like rubber.

The team demonstrated a face-shaped display that showed changing expressions, together with a spherical screen that displayed weather information.

The researchers accomplished this by connecting OLEDs and organic transistors with a new rubbery conductor. With this, for now, they can spread the display over a curved surface without affecting its performance. The display can also be folded in half or crumpled up without incurring any damage.

This means in the future I can just fold my 30-inch LCD into a tiny square box and expand it when I need to use it. Or better yet, I'll just make a T-shirt out of it and wear it wherever I go.

Read more on flexible displays.

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