Roundup: Checkpoint-friendly computer bags

We round up our latest reviews of TSA-approved laptop bags.

Checkpoint Flyer
Tom Bihn Checkpoint Flyer, ready to go through the X-ray.

Regular Crave readers have seen a steady stream of products unveiled in the months since the Transportation Security Administration issued guidelines for "checkpoint friendly" bags, which let you zip through airport security checkpoints without removing your laptop.

Eager to see how manufacturers would tackle the new product category, we obtained a handful of bags--from the huge Mobile Edge ScanFast Backpack to the tiny Solo Netbook Mini--for real-world testing. At first we were concerned that TSA agents wouldn't know about the new bag designs and would make us remove our laptops anyway. But we carried several of these bags on business trips and cruised through the checkpoints without incident.

So, if you're a frequent flyer or shopping for one of these bags, check out the latest checkpoint-friendly bag reviews.

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