Root for your NFL team with grilled cheese

The Pangea Brands NFL Logo Sandwich and Waffle Grill brands an NFL team logo onto sandwiches. The countertop appliance is available for all 32 teams.

Smile, sports fans, your team is now available in sandwich form.
Smile, sports fans, your team is now available in sandwich form. Pangea Brands

The NFL has done a pretty good job of making its brand known. It seems everywhere one looks a logo from a football franchise can be found. What was once mostly limited to apparel is now available on anything. Even on a grilled cheese sandwich.

What you get from the Pangea Brands NFL Logo Sandwich and Waffle Grill may not be the most obvious next step in the evolutionary chain of licensed sports memorabilia, but it might be the tastiest. The clamshell countertop appliance cooks the logo of your favorite team directly on the bread. The nonstick plates are removable, so if your team has a bad week, you can switch them out.

Alas, just like in football, there are hits and misses. While San Diego Chargers fans may be happy to know their team is represented by their lightning bolt logo (even if it does look like a frown--or a mustache), fans of the Oakland Raiders may be disappointed as their great pirate mascot is not to be found--the makers instead opting to only include the team name. For fans that so famously display the team colors this seems somewhat of an injustice. Luckily, most of the grill plates have fan-satisfying logos. And, hey, if your team isn't among the winners, there is always next year. Or, in this case, the next licensee.

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