Roland's $3,000 virtual accordion

Roland announces their FR-2 series virtual V-accordions with built-in MIDI and on-board sounds.

Photo of Roland FR-2 virtual accordion side panel.
Roland's recently announced FR-2 V-Accordion is the cutting edge of polka technology. Roland U.S.

Does your mastery of the accordion already have groupies beating a path to your polka nights? Then turn back now, lest you glimpse the power of the most futuristic, and dynamic accordion ever made: the Roland FR-2.

Roland's FR-2 V-Accordion is no mere squeezebox. Announcedat January's NAMM expo, the FR-2 charts out the future of the already thrilling world of accordion performance. It has eight virtual accordion sound presets, MIDI input/output, AA-battery power, high-resolution bellows pressure sensors, chorus and reverb sound effects, an integrated digital metronome, and pad triggers for sampled percussion (cowbell not included).

For those of you who haven't yet perfected your accordion technique, the FR-2 V-Accordion also includes a built-in headphone output that allows you to practice your chops to the break of dawn without disturbing a soul. If you lack both the discipline and funds to be worthy of the FR-2, you can always try your hand at Accordion Hero and Accordion Hero II.

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