Roksan's museum-quality turntable

We want one just to play "Roxanne" on a Roksan.


It's not the "Transrotor Artus," the $150,000 quarter-ton turntable, but that's not a bad thing either. Instead, U.K.-based Roksan's "Radius 5" vinyl spinner still looks like a museum piece without breaking both your back and budget. Well, that last part might be iffy--it does cost nearly $2,000--but at least that hasn't gone up with this latest version.

The upgraded turntable has a new power supply for "less noise and improved matching of the torque," according to Tech Digest, to go with "a drive mechanism with a custom-made motor and precision-machined solid aluminium alloy pulley, along with a build of solid brass and stainless steel alloy." That's all well and good, but there's yet another reason to want one: So you can play the Police's "Roxanne" on your Roksan. (We didn't say it was a good reason.)

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