Rocket phone ready for launch

But what kind of roaming plan will it have?


For some reason, while phones with Star Wars themes fall clearly into the date-repellant category, retro sci-fi versions aren't nearly so abhorrent. Or maybe it's just a reflection of our depressingly advanced age.

Whatever the case, the "ZhenZhou VII" rocket mobile handset is pretty darn nifty. It's not exactly the most practical--you probably wouldn't want to carry it in your pocket, to avoid awkward social circumstances. But something that looks this novel shouldn't be concealed anyway, weapon or no weapon.

Slashphone says it has a 2-megapixel camera and MP3 player to go with its Razr-like keypad, though it's produced by a Taiwanese manufacturer instead of Motorola. (A shocking copycat design from that part of the world.) Now if only WowWee could build an RC version, it could be the ultimate convergence device.

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