Rock out with your Spock out

Entertainment Earth is rubbing it in that I'm not going to Comic-Con by offering a convention-exclusive Spock bobblehead that lights up.

Mr. Spock lists for $13.99
Aww, isn't it cute? Entertainment Earth

Update: Entertainment Earth mentioned to me that despite what it says on the box, the bobblehead doesn't talk. But you're free to pretend all you want.

Well, wouldn't you know it, San Diego Comic-Con International (affectionately known as Nerd Prom) is only a few days away, and guess who's mad he's not going?

I tried to console myself by thinking, "Aw, it's probably gonna suck anyway. You won't see anything interesting."

Even when I saw the guest list, I kept up the sentiment, though there were giant cracks in the facade (Ray Bradbury? I'm missing Ray Bradbury?).

But when I saw some of the SDCC-exclusive toys and realized they wouldn't adorn my desk because--and I'm not sure I've mentioned this enough times--I'm not going, I got full-on P.O.ed.

Just as an example, here's a nifty Spock bobblehead. Yawn, you're saying. You've seen Spock bobbleheads. Ah, but this one, an Entertainment Earth exclusive for the convention, has a clear body which, when you push his head, looks like it's being beamed away, complete with light-up effect.

Why, Entertainment Earth? Why do you taunt me with such things?

And while you can preorder them from the site, they'll be shipping while supplies last after the convention, so if all 1,500 sell out at the con (they're only $13.99 each, so there's a good chance they will), you're out of luck.

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