Robot flower girl looks adorable in pink

The bride's sister is "into robots," we're told, and decided to built the flower-blowing bot for her sister's wedding.

robot flower girl
Robot flower girl

When Allegra Fischer got married last November, her niece was the flower girl. Like most, her niece was a bit awkward going down the aisle, but Allegra's sister stood in the wings and encouraged the flower girl on. What a sweet robot.

Allegra's sister Lauren is "into robots," we're told, and decided to built the flower-blowing bot for her sister's wedding to Adam Fischer. From the pictures it looks like the bot was a hit.

The flower girl even took a turn on the dance floor. I spoke to Allegra, who explained why she had a robot in her wedding:

How can you compete with a robot cruising down the aisle spitting out flowers on the ground? I wanted my wedding to have a playful feel and pay tribute to my upbringing (Dad and sister are both engineers) and really give a San Francisco feel to the event.

My sister built the robot and has been building robots since she was in high school. The ah-ha moment for having a robot flower girl was one sunny afternoon at brunch with my fiance. I had a vision, thankfully he shared it, and after a chat with my sister (who was a mechanical engineer grad student at Stanford at the time), she said she would make it happen and we went from there.

This story originally appeared on Gizmodo.

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