Robolamps light up our life

Croatian artist Robert Matysiak has come up with some wonderfully whimsical "Robolamps" made from plumbing supplies and colored lightbulbs.

Robert Matysiak
Robert Matysiak, our new design hero. Robert Matysiak

Croatian artist and robot fan Robert Matysiak has created some wonderfully whimsical "Robolamps" from plumbing supplies and colored lightbulbs. We think they'd look great in just about any geek's apartment--as long as they don't come alive in the middle of the night and bludgeon us with their pipe-arm thingies (though they're so cute, we think they'd be more likely to hug us).

The Robolamps measure from 6 inches to about 1.5 feet tall and have names like "Ongho,'' "Saga," and "Okona.'' Matysiak has exhibited his Robolamps, but unfortunately, they don't appear to be for sale yet (fingers--and pipe-arm thingies--crossed). To see more of Matysiak's quirky creations, visit his Facebook page and click through the gallery below.

(Via Gizmodo)

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