Rivet Logic earns the JBoss Innovator of the Year Award with Kaplan Test

Rivet Logic built a killer application with Kaplan Test, and gets the praise it deserves.

Sometimes the good guys win.

I was really happy to see Red Hat announce that Rivet Logic won the JBoss Innovator of the Year Award for 2008. I'm biased in this one (see below), but it's an exceptional award for an exceptional piece of work by (you guessed it) an exceptional group of people.

What was the winning application?

...a next-generation platform for the www.kaptest.com site that can deliver personalized applications and dynamic, targeted content. The results include a 26x performance improvement over the legacy content authoring/delivery system, much faster page load times and a "fresher" web presence for Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions.

100% open source. I know the Kaplan team well, as well as the Rivet Logic team. This award couldn't have happened to a better group of people. Congratulations!

Disclosure: Kaplan Test is a customer of mine. In fact, the application built by Rivet Logic with Kaplan Test is built on my company's technology (Alfresco). Rivet Logic is a partner (and has won Alfresco's "US Partner of the Year" award two years running). I was also one of several judges in this competition, but had no interaction with any of the other judges during the process (and seem to recall judging a few other entries higher than the Kaplan Test application. Glad to see I was outvoted!).

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