Rise and shine--toaster supplies extra lift

The T-Fal Emerilware Toaster with Super Lift provides an additional lever designed to facilitate easy toast removal.

But, this toaster goes to '11'. Cooking.com

We all need a little extra lift in the morning. Eyelids droop and every fiber of our being calls us back to bed. If it weren't for the magical elixir known as coffee, I'm not convinced we would ever get out of bed. Be that as it may, with alarm clocks ringing in our ears, we somehow (usually) manage to get it together enough to make a pot of coffee. But that's just the beginning: after coffee we (usually) need to eat. Toast is always a popular option, probably because it is so easy to make. But that doesn't mean it couldn't be made even easier.

The T-Fal Emerilware Toaster with Super Lift helps us out in the morning by giving our toast that little extra special something. Having your morning breakfast rise up to meet you is all fine and good, but a toaster is expected to do more than just facilitate easy toast removal. Not surprisingly, the toaster (available in either a two-slice or four-slice model) comes with additional familiar features.

An easy-to-clean slide-out crumb tray is integrated into the unit, as is six-stage browning control. Like any good modern toaster should, bagel-toasting ability is included with a separate mode. Complete with a frozen setting and a reheat function, the toaster makes it easy to toast all of our favorites, any time of the day.

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