Ringtone roundup: Still in the pink

"Pink Panther" is still a ringtone favorite, but television season may bring more interesting and free choices.

Hopefully, the start of the television season means the return of more interesting (and free) ringtones from network and show sites.

Yes, it's blatant advertising and probably an attempt to get your cell number and market research info. But, you can't deny it's also fun to have a Heroes ringtone on your little cell phone.

As for Billboard's top ringtones chart, it's the same top four favorites. Henry Mancini's "Pink Panther" theme ringtone is in No. 1, with Grupo Montez De Durango's "Adios Amor Te Vas" at No. 2, Koji Kondo's "Super Mario Bros. Theme" in third, and 50 Cent Featuring Olivia in fourth with "Candy Shop."

We'll check back once the TV season has started to let your in on where those ringtone freebies can be found and who's offering them.

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