Ring Audio's horn speakers put the 'woof' in 'woofer'

Ring Audio's horn speakers may look like pieces of art, but they can definitely bring the noise. If, that is, you can afford them.

Ring Audio

These horn speakers from Ring Audio are both aesthetically pleasing and sonically efficient on paper.

They can easily pass as art pieces at a glance and are available in different finishes, ranging from natural wood grains to composite materials, as well as contrasting colors, such as piano black and white.

The German speakers are also capable of producing rumbling deep bass up to 35Hz despite their small 4-inch drivers. What's more, this level of performance can be achieved with only 10W of power making them compatible with tube amplifiers, whereas most non-horn-type models require many times more power.

However, at $19,600 a pair, they're priced mainly for discerning and well-heeled audio buffs. If you're still interested, you can check out Ring Audio's Web site for more information on availability.

(Source: Crave Asia via Born Rich)

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