RIM teases with new BlackBerry 10 image

The official BB10 site offers peek at RIM's fresh hardware.

RIM teases its BlackBerry 10 device. RIM

Perhaps the dream of RIM shipping its BlackBerry 10 OS isn't a fantasy after all. The company today posted a teaser image of its upcoming handset via a new micro site.

Don't get too excited, though, since RIM doesn't offer much in the way of details. The page states the slogan, "Re-designed. Re-engineered. Re-invented." Aside from that, it provides little information beyond what we already know. A highlights area describes some expected BlackBerry 10 features, such as the flow interface, called BlackBerry Hub.

The tastiest morsel, however, is the silhouetted image of what can only be the new BB10 flagship device. You can see what looks like the phone's rounded edges, perforated back, and trademark deep-black styling. Two slivers of what are likely silver buttons for power and volume glow softly from the top and right edges of the mystery handset. Perhaps they are even backlit, similar to those on the LG Optimus G , which would be a nice departure from previous BlackBerry designs. I guess we'll just have to wait until January 30 , when RIM plans to unveil to the world all that BlackBerry 10 can do.

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