Rhapsody and Mac OS 8.1 news

Rhapsody and Mac OS 8.1 news

Rhapsody The DR (Developers Release) of Rhapsody is expected to ship in the first week of October. Details of a preview of it at a Bay Area NEXT Group meeting have been widely posted to the Web (see the MacWEEK article for an example). While this is good news (and possibly even exciting news for developers), end users can pretty much ignore this release. For example, it will not be able to run the Mac OS at all (that is, there is no Blue Box yet). And the rest, while apparently stable, is still very preliminary. For a truly usable Rhapsody version, you will have to wait to 1998.

Mac OS 8.1 Meanwhile, the Brider of Buster update, which had been called Mac OS 8.0.1, is now slated to be called Mac OS 8.1 instead. It is due for a December release. A new alpha version was just delivered to developers.

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