Revision3 launches new music show

XLR8R TV is a new show from Internet TV company Revision3. It combines music with music culture.

Today Revision3 rolled out a new show called XLR8R TV (pronounced like "accelerator"), which is being pitched as a local music and event show for indie folks. Think of it as something you'd see on MTV, but local and without extravagant parties for high schoolers.

XLR8R TV will air twice a month and feature music artists from New York and San Francisco. It's a formula show with reoccurring segments about musicians, their fans, and how they make their music. What interests me is a segment called "A Day in the Life" which follows around an artist throughout the day. MTV had something similar with Diary, but the Internet can provide a level of realism the FCC might have censored.

We've never covered Revision3 before. For free media content, there's been a lot of buzz about Joost and Babelgum as of late, but Revision3 has been pushing out tons of original content to the masses without the need for a TV, a portable device, or a software install. Other notable programming includes the flagship official Digg podcast, Diggnation, and the irreverent cooking show CTRL+ALT+Chicken.

You can read more on XLR8R TV here.

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