Reviews: Two 25.5-inchers step into the ring

Two new reviews of 25.5-inch monitors, the HP w2558hc and the Planar PX2611w.

Big Daddy Don Bodine's monitor, the bohemoth. Also, known as the Planar PX2611w. Corinne Schulze/CNET

Today, we're talking going big. And by "big" I mean, well, pretty big. 25.5-inches big. Yeah, yeah I know. Not 27-inches big like the HP 2709mand definitely not 30-inch big, but still larger than most.

Today we have two new reviews of 25.5-inch monitors, the HP w2558hc and the Planar PX2611w. Previously, I took a close look at the two, completely objectifying each in a physical way. Check out photos for the HP here and the Planar here.

You can see the official CNET reviews here for the HP and here for the Planar.

Reviewing monitors of this size gets me excited about getting in even larger displays. While last year I reviewed three 30-inch monitors, this year, nada. There just aren't that many on the market. If you guys know of any 30-inchers you'd like to see reviewed, drop me a line of leave a comment. I'll do my best to get any noteworthy units in.

In the meantime, keep checking here for new LCD computer monitor reviews.

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