Review: Samsung BD-P3600 is as speedy as the PS3, packed with features

CNET reviews the Samsung BD-P3600 Blu-ray player, finding it to be the fastest standalone player we've tested and it's packed with features.

In almost every standalone Blu-ray player we review, you're likely to find a comment about its disc-loading speed and how it inevitably doesn't compare with the Sony PlayStation 3. For once, that's not the case, as the Samsung BD-P3600 is flat-out faster than the PS3 at loading most movies and its operational speed is just as quick.

It also has a nearly comprehensive feature package, including 7.1 analog outputs, 1GB onboard memory, an included Wi-Fi adapter, and Netflix and Pandora streaming. Top it off with excellent image quality on Blu-ray movies and a sleek design, and the BD-P3600 is one of our top choices for a standalone Blu-ray player.

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