Review: Garmin Nuvi 500

CNET reviews the Garmin Nuvi 500.

There are many uses for GPS beyond in-car navigation. After all, there are times you could use some route guidance no matter what mode of transportation. Yet, you don't see too many multiuse GPS on the market, and we're beginning to see why. A while back we took a look at the Magellan CrossoverGPS, an all-in-one portable navigation device for car, boat, and foot. It was fine but limited in what it could offer boaters and hikers; plus, it was a sluggish performer. The newer Garmin Nuvi 500 is also a hybrid GPS, and it offers a better design and user interface than the CrossoverGPS with faster performance to boot. It's not bad for very casual use, but again, the capabilities are a bit limited when you get into other modes aside from the car. If you're a serious hiker, geocacher, or boater, we'd recommend getting a dedicated device. The Garmin Nuvi 500 is available now for $499.99.

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