Review: DLO TuneStik

Donald Bell offers his review of the DLO TuneStik iPod FM transmitter.

Photo of DLO TuneStik
The DLO TuneStik includes a remote control for your car's steering wheel. Digital Life Outfitters

Despite the proliferation of affordable iPod-friendly car stereos, iPod FM transmitters are still a popular accessory. Nearly every iPod accessory manufacturer has their own take on the product--Belkin has their Tunebase, Griffin has the iTrip, Monster has the iCarPlay, XtremeMac has the AirPlay, Kensington has Liquid FM, and Harman Kardon has the dazzling Drive + Play 2. Digital Life Outfitters (DLO) also makes an exceptional iPod FM transmitter; unfortunately, it's not the TuneStik. (Read the full review)

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