Rev up your outdoor cooking setup

VersaPower Multi-Use Cooker makes a versatile addition to your outdoor cooking collection.

Alfresco Grills

Outdoor kitchens are more advanced than ever, allowing us to cook more complicated dishes than the standard burgers and brats. But few outdoor appliances pack the same punch in the variety department as this multiple-use cooker by Alfresco.

The VersaPower Multi-Use Cooker lives up to its namesake by combining with a family of accessories that allow you to cook a huge variety of meals. You can add a deep fryer/pasta cooker to cook french fries or boil noodles, or add on a steel pot filler to fill tall stock pots. You can also remove the center trivet and a wok will fit right inside the center hole, or you can remove the grate completely and replace it with a teppanyaki griddle for burgers, veggies, or pancakes.

The burners provide a range large enough to accommodate the variety of foods you can cook on the VersaPower by using a dual-burner system. The center burner warms at a low 400 BTUs, but if you want maximum power you can draw an astonishing 65,000 BTUs from cranking both burners. The burners are also located closer to the grill, so more heat is directed straight into your food and not into the outer environment.

Whether you're frying potatoes to accompany your burgers, frying a turkey for Thanksgiving, or stir-frying some vegetables for your garden, this bad boy makes a great addition to your cooking setup on your back yard.

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