'Retro Sound' brings MP3s to hot rods

It combines classic looks with modern technology.


Whether it's an acknowledgement of mortality or a desire to relive a misspent youth , many of us have acquired a greater appreciation of classic cars , or at least parts of them. And a few are even lucky enough to celebrate their midlife crises by purchasing one. But that's where a problem often arises: What do you do about those ancient radios?

On one hand, it seems disrespectful to replace the original equipment with a new stereo that looks completely inappropriate; on the other, an AM radio just doesn't do justice to a long drive in the countryside. That's where RetroBelt's "Retro Sound" line comes in: It tries to blend the best of both worlds with a vintage look and modern technology, according to Dvice, including CD changers, mini-USB ports, and auxiliary inputs that can pipe in tunes from a digital media player.

Who knows? Maybe once people get tired of wiping the smudges off their touch screens, a backlash might bring back the knob .

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