Retro handset celebrates phone clunk

Now you can have your state-of-the-art cell phone and your unwieldy retro handset too.

With the nostalgically cumbersome retro mobile handset by Phobile, no one will ever have to know you left the '70s. Just hook that big ol' barbell-shaped hunk of plastic into most mobile phones, start reminiscing about Studio 54 and you're on your way.

Phobile retro handset
Credit: Phobile

The Phobile handsets are a bit different than the popular Pokia retro handsets, which are custom made from original handsets from various decades and sold on eBay. Phobile's handset, a replica of the classic Western Electric 500-series model, is mass-produced and therefore tends to be cheaper. ThinkGeek sells the gadget for $34.99. Curly phone cord included.

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