Rethinking the all-in-one DVD player

This "hybrid" concept is lightweight and conserves space.

Touch Interactive

Talk about good timing. Just yesterday we wrote of a rather unusual media player that stored a proverbial boatload of videos but had no screen to show them on. Now the perfect companion has emerged: a "hybrid" DVD player and 19-inch widescreen display.

This dual-purpose device from U.K.-based Touch Interactive is a lot sleeker and more portable than other DVD combos, as it was designed specifically not to look like products that have come to market. It could probably be outfitted with a tuner to turn it into a TV as well. But maybe the timing isn't so good after all. It appears to be only a concept at present, though we think it would find a niche market based on aesthetics alone. Then again, maybe it's just as well that they waited: It could have been built for HD DVD .


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