Request your jukebox tunes by texting

Orange France is testing a new SMS service

Given our slothful nature, we miss those individual jukebox controls that used to adorn booths at diners and other fine restaurants we frequent. At most places now, you have to get up and walk at least 10 feet to drop a couple of quarters in the slot. Irritating.

SMS Jukebox
Red Ferret

The French understand this, and they've responded with an innovative solution in the form of an SMS Jukebox. Orange France is testing a service that lets patrons send a text message to the jukebox without leaving their seats. Red Ferret says the designated song would then be played in seconds, but we assume that's possible only if other texters haven't already lined up their favorites first.

In that case, your request for "Eye of the Tiger" will just have to wait.

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