Reports: New MacBook Pros coming this week

According to several reports, new MacBook Pro laptops will arrive this week with solid state drives and Intel's Sandy Bridge chips.


New MacBook Pro laptops will arrive from Apple this week, just in time for Steve Jobs' birthday, according to several recent reports.

The AppleInsider, an enthusiast site, reported yesterday that new MacBook Pros will be released Thursday, the same day that Apple CEO Steve Jobs turns 56.

The updated line of Apple laptops is expected to use Intel's new dual-core Sandy Bridge mobile chips, which have faced a chipset flaw and some delays. Last night, Intel released an updated price list that contained new dual-core chips.

The fastest of the Sandy Bridge chips run at 2.7GHz, according to the specs released by Intel.

Apple also told some of its partners that it was shipping sealed packages to them that were not to be opened until after a formal announcement, according to the AppleInsider report.

A separate rumor from Boy Genius Report suggests the new MacBook Pro will feature a solid state drive that will only load the operating system. If true, this would give the MacBook Pro a much faster start-up time, similar to that of the newest MacBook Air.

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