Reporters' Roundtable: The car as app platform

Forget tablets, forget smartphones. The real mobile platform that matters is the automobile. On this Roundtable, we discuss what's going into cars and how it's getting there, with CNET Car Tech co-host Brian Cooley and Ford product manager Julius Marchwicki.

The most interesting mobile platform today? The car.

On this Roundtable, we discuss what's going into cars and how it's getting there. Will your next car have an app store? Who is building the best in-car technology? Or are manufacturers just going to lean on smartphones for all the cool new tech?

My guests today are CNET Car Tech co-host Brian Cooley, and Ford product Manager Julius Marchwicki.



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Discussion points:
Why can't cars just be cars? When did they become concierges and nannies?

What are the challenges or bringing new consumer tech into cars?

Who is working on this? Are there standards or consortiums?

Are we going to see app stores for cars?

Talk about integrating smartphones with cars. The importance of voice recognition and Siri.

Apple vs. Google in the car.

Discuss the upgrade and development cycle of mechanical technology vs. consumer software and services.

Car as hot spot: What's it mean?

We have to talk about safety...

Discuss Tesla and the touch-screen giant LCD interface.

What's the best car for geeks?

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