Reporters' Roundtable: Mountain Lion and OS X's evolution

What does Mountain Lion mean for consumers, businesses, and Apple? And what does it tell us about the future of the OS in general? Rafe Needleman talks with Josh Lowensohn and Brian Chen.



It's time for what's becoming the annual look at the Mac operating system, OS X. A week ago, Apple announced its latest update, Mountain Lion, and the announcement reveals how the operating system battle is evolving.

Two key trends: Smartphones are influencing desktop/laptop OS designs. And the cloud is becoming integral to the OS.

We're going to talk about Mountain Lion today and the future of the computer OS with two great experts:

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Discussion points:
First up: What did we learn from the shareholders' meeting?

Let's dive in: Will OS X and iOS merge?

Why is Apple pursuing two different operating systems now, while Microsoft seems to be moving towards one?

Let's talk about the cloud as an integral art of the operating system

What's with the new, accelerated upgrade cycle?

Is Apple's new yearly update too much? What do IT departments think of it?

What's missing from Mountain Lion?

Could we eventually get an OS X that only allowed software to be installed from the App Store?

Discuss Apple's relationship with Facebook, and with Twitter.

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