Reporters' Roundtable: Journalism in the age of WikiLeaks

Six journalists debate the effects of WikiLeaks and anonymous document publishing on the nature of professional reporting.

On this special edition of Reporters' Roundtable, CNET Chief Political Correspondent Declan McCullagh hosts a panel discussion on Journalism in the age of WikiLeaks. Sponsored by the The Society of Professional Journalists of Northern California, this discussion covers how WikiLeaks is forcing editors and reporters to rethink traditional journalistic practices.

For example, The New York Times, the Guardian, and Der Spiegel were given a mere three weeks to decide how to handle more than 90,000 confidential documents on Afghanistan. Join us as we discuss the challenges journalists face given such information and as we consider the question of the role of professional news organizations when anyone can publish the kind of information that previously was the purview only of established news outlets.

We have a great panel of six journalists in this discussion, including reporters and editors from the San Francisco Chronicle, Wired, and Fast Company.



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