Reporters' Roundtable: Frontiers in search

From Microsoft to MC Hammer, upstarts keep trying to chip away at Google's search dominance. Join us to discuss this with Paul Sloan and Harry McCracken of CNET News and Jim Lanzone, president of CBS Interactive and former CEO of

Go ahead and raise your hand if when you want to search for something on the Web, you think of Google. Yup, it's most of you. But upstarts are always trying to chip away at Google. From Microsoft to MC Hammer, search is the holy grail for many startups.

Yes, that's right, MC Hammer has a search startup, called WireDoo.

Today we're talking about different approaches companies are taking to take on search, with:

  • Paul Sloan, the executive editor in charge of startups for CNET.
  • Harry McCracken, editor of Technologizer and a columnist for us and for Time.
  • Jim Lanzone, president of CBSi and therefore the boss of everyone else on this show. Jim is also former CEO of Ask.



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Discussion points:
Let's talk about opportunity in search, first by looking back. What technical opportunities did Google seize to win search from Yahoo? And on the business side?

And now that Google is established, in a way that puts Yahoo to shame, why are so many companies launching thinking they can get a piece of the pie? Where is Google vulnerable?

Is there a Google backlash?

What about vertical search: Health and finance, in particular?

Let's look at a few challengers. What's so good about Blekko and DuckDuckGo?

How is Bing doing?

Let's talk about new mobile platforms and the impact on search. In particular, voice and Siri. Is this the next frontier of search?

Where's Google here? They do have voice search.

What about semantic search?

Impact of social networks on search? Should Google worry about Facebook?

How does from Wolfram Alpha play into this market?

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