Reported Kindle 2 photos look like the real deal has posted images, the price, and release date of the Kindle 2, expected to be announced Monday. While we have no confirmation that the pix or info are bona fide, it sure looks that way.

Just got an e-mail from Alexander Turcic over at MobileRead.

Turcic, based in Switzerland, writes:

Hi David:

I hope you are doing fine. Got some news regarding Kindle 2 price and release info, plus the first Kindle 2 pics.


According to the post, the Kindle 2, which is expected to be announced Monday at 10 a.m. in New York, will be available on February 24 and carry a list price of $359--just like its predecessor. All in all, the device looks similar to what we saw in earlier leaked photos, but in these shots the Kindle 2 looks sleeker and decidedly more impressive. While we have no confirmation that this is the real deal, these look like marketing shots if I ever saw them.

More photos after the jump.

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