Report: Sun storage execs depart

Several StorageTek executives have departed since Sun Microsystems acquired the tape storage specialist last year, according to an article in Computer Business Review.

Among them are Randy Kerns, vice president of strategy and planning; David Harrison, former StorageTek vice president of worldwide operations; Brenda Zawatski, vice president of information lifecycle management; and Thomas Despres, general manager of StorageTek's main manufacturing plant in Puerto Rico. Kathleen Holmgren, a longtime Sun executive who was vice president of disk products, also is departing, and two more vice presidents are expected to follow suit, the report said.

In a response to the report, Sun said in a statement, "We currently have a strong and focused leadership team, and are confident and fully prepared to aggressively execute on Sun's data management strategy.

Sun paid a net amount of $3 billion in cash for StorageTek, a move that helped bring some much-needed revenue growth to the beleaguered server and software company.

Other executive departures from Sun include John Loiacono, head of software; Bob MacRitchie, head of global sales and Clark Masters, head of government sales.

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