Report: Sling Media co-founders, other top execs leave

Blake and Jason Krikorian are out as well as other members of the company's management staff, according to PaidContent.

Sling Media, the company that enables users to push their cable shows to their laptops from anywhere in the world, has seen a management shakeup, according to a published report.

The company's co-founders Blake and Jason Krikorian are leaving as are execs Jason Hirschhorn and Ben White, according to the blog PaidContent.

According to the report, Sling Media's senior executives agreed to stay a year following the company's acquisition by EchoStar for about $380 million. The year is up and it appears that the Sling's entrepreneurial leadership is walking away.

They may leaving at just the right time. The competition to supply video content on mobile devices is white hot and Sling has to contend with such rivals as Hulu, YouTube, Major League Baseball, Apple, and dozens of other distributors.

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