Report: New Apple iMacs due in next couple weeks

On the heels of last week's unveiling of a new MacBook lineup, there's now buzz about an iMac refresh in time for the holidays.

Never a dull moment, or even a lull, when it comes to Apple upgrade news. On the heels of last week's announcements about the company's new MacBook lineup, there's now buzz about new iMacs that could be out in time for the holidays.


Apple Insider kicked off the latest round of speculation with a report Friday that Apple is expected to refresh its 20- and 24-inch iMacs "in the coming weeks," entering the shopping season with "one of its strongest product portfolios ever."

As for details, there aren't many. Apple Insider and others expect a move to Intel's Centrino 2 platform. A bigger mystery is whether the next iMac refresh will include Nvidia chips like the new MacBooks have.

Despite the build-up, an iMac upgrade could take place with little fanfare, as it did last time around.

Apple is expected to report quarterly financial results Tuesday.

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