Remote-control Japanese toilet does your bidet bidding

Forget remote-control cars and helicopters, all the cool kids are getting RC Japanese toilet toys.

Remote-control toilet
Zoom! Zoom! This toilet will obey your commands. Strapya World

The Japanese are known for their obsession with toilet innovations. They've created a toilet motorcycle, a smartphone-controlled toilet, and toilets that play music. Now the national potty pastime has made it to the world of remote-control toys with an RC toilet on wheels.

While all your buddies are out flying expensive quadrocopters and transforming RC cars into robots, you'll be zipping your little $16 toilet hot-rod all over the house, terrorizing the cats. Who's the cool one now, huh?

The official product name is "Remote Control Japanese Style Toilet." The manufacturer has already anticipated your first question: "Why on earth would you make such a thing?" The response is, "Because, this is Japan. That's why!" Works for me.

Don't buy this thinking you're going to get a full-size toilet that you can drive around for emergency bathroom situations, even though that would be awesome. It is about the size of a regular remote-control car. It is perfectly sized for carrying around small items like a can of soda, with the capacity to haul nearly a pound of weight. Maybe you could use it to deliver snacks at your next party.

(Via Technabob)

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