Remote control Hummer H3: no driver needed

British engineer makes a life-sized toy out of the infamous Hummer H3.

General Motors/Zerc Customs

Here's one that's sure to chap the hides of eco-warriors everywhere: An engineering lecturer from a university in the U.K. has converted a full-size Hummer H3 into a remote controlled toy.

So those folks who get bent out of shape when they see people commuting alone in ginormous SUVs will really love the idea of a Hummer that can pollute without anyone in the car. Now that's progress.

James Brighton from Britain's Cranfield University converted the new right-hand drive version of the H3 in about a month's time. No doubt it's certainly an impressive feat of engineering; the car can climb a 16-inch vertical wall and operate in up to two feet of water.

The press release sent out to journalists touts the creation as "the ultimate boy's toy." And as a girl who's into cars, I'd normally take offense. But I admit, aside from the "wow" factor, this is one I just don't get.

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