Remade Zooomr to permit photo sales

The Zooomr photo-sharing site went offline Tuesday for an overhaul that will let members sell their work, offer unlimited storage and unlimited file sizes, and add a programming interface to permit software to interact with the site.

The upgrade to "Zooomr Mark III" began Tuesday and should be done Thursday, said programmer Kristopher Tate. A programming interface, which can automate actions such image searching, retrieval or incorporation into a Web site, is an important feature of .

Selling photos online is a hot area. Getty Images, a dominant supplier of photos to newspapers, advertisers and others who have need for news photos or stock photos, acquired iStockphoto in 2006 and .

Scoopt splits photo revenue 50-50 with the members who supply photos. iStockphoto keeps 80 percent of revenue. Zooomr will keep only 10 percent, Tate said, passing the rest to the member who sold the picture.

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