Reduce address bar suggestions

This trick keeps the 'awesome bar' from overwhelming you.

Many love the new "awesome bar" in Firefox 3? It reads your mind and guesses what URL you're trying to get to. But sometimes it can be overwhelming. Here's a quick tip to limit the number of suggestions from the "awesome bar." You can watch the video for this tip at CNET TV then come back here for the written instruction.

Type in about:config into the address bar and press Enter.

Press the "I''ll be carefull. I promise!" button.

And mean it. Don't just mess around in there. You can mess up your browser.

Enter browser.urlbar.maxRichResults in the field.

Right click and choose modify. I'm changing mine to 3.

Now you'll only see a few results show up in the "awesome bar."

Not so overwhelming.

Get a few more non-video Firefox tips at

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