Red, White and Blue + Palm Pre = Independence

For me, the Palm Pre equals independence from my home office. I can now conduct business on the go!

I consider myself a geeky sort of gal with a good understanding of technical gadgets. Technology just makes sense to me. I tell people I was raised not only on a farm, but also on a computer. My dad is a mechanical engineer. When I was a child he taught Computer Aided Crafting (CAD) at a local college, and sometimes he'd take me with him. TSTC's Computer Lab is where I was first introduced to the wonders of technology.

Emailing from the Palm Pre
Emailing from the Palm Pre Erica Mueller

Fast forward a few decades and here I am, twenty-five years old, a business owner and manager, graphics designer for web and print, web hosting provider, and blogger. I do some short run printing for local clients and I modify Wordpress themes for people all over the world.

Today's technology not only allows me to work from anywhere, it keeps me in touch with clients, friends, and family. This is why the Palm Pre is a perfect smartphone for me to test drive. (Thanks to CNET and the Sprint Now Network for the phone and 3 months of service!)

I was standing in line at the bank this week, waiting for the teller to make my deposit. The Pre buzzed to let me know I had an email. I check and answered it before the teller even finished my transaction. That's what I call a winner!

From phone calls, to email, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook the Pre is keeping me connected even when I'm away from my computer.

For me, the Palm Pre equals independence from my home office. I can now conduct business on the go!

Erica Mueller is Managing Editor at She can also be found blogging at her site,

You can follow @EricaMueller on Twitter for more about the Palm Pre!


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