'Recycling speaker' is better left in the bin

Bird Electron's gadget is designed to fit in the iPod's original box.


Japan's Bird Electron has always been known for the literally stripped-down design of its products, but it seems to be in a particularly minimalist mood these days for the iPod.

First we saw the industrially bare steel speaker stand made for the Touch, and now we have a decidedly DIY-looking iPod speaker. And it's not just any speaker, according to GeekAlerts, but the "one and only recycling speaker for iPod."

The EZ17-B speaker is designed to fit snugly into the clear plastic box that comes with certain versions of the Nano and Shuffle, without the need for a power source. And if you've already tossed the box, don't worry: You can also use it with an empty water bottle. Considering that the company is asking us to use our own materials, $40 seems like way too much to charge for something that looks like a grade-school science experiment.

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