Records made of ice, cool again

Proving that vinyl is cool again, a Swedish indie band has made its newest single out of ice, and it actually works!

The new single by Shout Out Louds is too cool for school Co.Design

You don't have to be the Audiophiliac (CNET's resident hi-fi guru Steve Guttenberg) to know that vinyl is cool again, but one band has taken this idea to its extreme.

Swedish indie band Shout Out Louds has announced that the first 10 copies of its new single "Blue Ice" will be made out of, appropriately, ice.

The band, with the help of the TBWA ad agency, created a silicone mold from which the listener could freeze their own 7-inch single. Apparently normal tap water resulted in air bubbles and other contaminants that could make the needle skip out of the groove, so the band includes a bottle of distilled water in the package.

"The concept isn't that complicated, since the song is about fading love," said TBWA art director Alex Fredlund, according to Web site Co.Design.

The band says the record should last long enough to play through without melting but does offer to repair or replace the player if it becomes damaged through normal use. Just don't expect them to replace your $80,000 DaVinci Monument AAS Gabriel turntable.

Unfortunately, these 10 records won't appear in shops, but you should be able to find the new-wave-loving Swedes' new album "Optica" locally in February.

(Via Co.Design)

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