Ready, aim, pour

Kohler Karbon, an articulating kitchen faucet, can be manipulated into virtually any position you need.

Kohler Karbon faucet lets you hydrate and improve your aim at the same time. Kohler
Meet a faucet that assigns a whole new meaning to the phrase "bent out of shape."

The Kohler Karbon Articulating Kitchen Faucet is something like a hybrid between your standard, kitchen, spray nozzle and an elegant, metal faucet spout. It's made out of a series of solid pieces, each connected by an articulating joint. The result is a faucet that can move into any position and then stay put.

Wouldn't ever need such an adjustable faucet, you say? I'm living proof that we dlo: I put a water filter on my faucet that has now lowered the point from which the water pours so much that my water pitcher will no longer fit beneath it. The Karbon can be raised up to a higher level to deal with situations like this, and to fill large pots. It can then lower back down for washing the dishes, and can fold completely when you're finished using it.

The list price of the faucet is at $990.00, but you can find it on some retailers' Web sites for as low as $650.00. That is still a hefty chunk of change, but if you're planning on remodeling anytime soon, then keep in mind that now you can have the look without losing functionality.

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