Readers offer presidential plane publicity--for free

Our slideshow of Air Force One flyovers shots (helped along by Photoshop) didn't cost hundreds of thousands in taxpayer dollars or rattle the nerves of New Yorkers.

Last month, a plane sometimes used as Air Force One was flown low over the Hudson River for a photo op, costing more than $300,000 and evoking for people on the ground memories of September 11.

On the heels of that failed presidential plane publicity stunt, we decided to test our readers' public relations chops. Keeping our focus on technology in mind, we asked them to submit recession-friendly publicity shots of Air Force One flyovers (with a little help from their favorite photo-editing tools).

Needless to say, our readers' images caused less panic among New Yorkers and were produced at a tiny fraction of the cost, if any at all.

While the official photograph released of Air Force One flying low above New York Harbor is nice, we prefer these images (click below) of the presidential aircraft buzzing over a few tech-related locations in Silicon Valley and beyond.

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