RCA's new Small Wonder: Not a creepy robot girl

RCA's new EZ201 minicamcorder is a portable and inexpensive piece of tech.

RCA announced a new version of their Small Wonder minicamcorder today. A follow-up to the Small Wonder EZ101, the Small Wonder EZ201 is an extremely simple pocket camcorder with an extremely low price tag. With a suggested retail price of $130, the EZ201 is predictably spartan: a tiny, 1.5-inch LCD screen flips out for framing shots, and it records videos onto SD cards (not included). The camcorder has both a standard TV connection and a pop-out USB plug for easy viewing and transferring of movies.

RCA also announced the RCA Memory Maker, an accessory DVD-burning dock for the EZ201. The Memory Maker can burn DVDs directly from the EZ201, simplifying the DVD-burning process. RCA hasn't specified pricing for the Memory Maker, but considering the camcorder's small price, the DVD dock will probably also be pretty affordable.

The first Small Wonder didn't exactly impress us, but if you want a supercheap, supersimple camcorder, this new version could still be a fun gadget. The RCA Small Wonder EZ201 hits stores in spring, and the Memory Maker ships later this year.


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