RC bumper cars are just our speed

We just wish they didn't require 10 batteries.

Bits And Pieces

We didn't bother mentioning the laser-fighting cars when they came out, feeling that they paled in comparison to the laser helicopters released just weeks earlier. And both fall well short of the "R/C Laser Tag Shocking Tanks," which send electric shocks to your opponent's remote upon a direct hit.

But these remote-controlled bumper cars are a different animal altogether, melding the retro trend and the RC craze while retaining a good dose of mischief along the way. Each car has sensors that detect and keep track of contact; the first to get bumped three times freezes up and loses.

As much as we like them for nostalgic reasons, however, we can't see how the $40 price can be justified. Especially, as Slippery Brick notes, it doesn't include the cost of the 10 AAA batteries required to run them.

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