Razer's big tease is a big disappointment

It builds suspense with a teaser ad, only to reveal an entry-level gaming mouse.


Well that was a yawn. Here we got all excited over that teaser page for a new mouse from Razer, mostly because we've seen it come up with some pretty neat stuff in the past. This time, not so much.

First of all, its name--"Salmosa"--sounds like a cross between a cocktail and a pet amphibian, when Razer usually comes up with more menacing monikers appropriate for its game gear, like "Diamondback," "Mako," and our all-time favorite, "DeathAdder." Second, and most important, it's an entry-level gaming mouse. There's nothing wrong with that, of course, but it hardly seems worth the suspense.

Razer does say the Salmosa is "the lightest and most compact mice of its class" for "finger-tip grip gamers who seek both speed and control" (hence the "Speed of the Light" teaser theme, apparently). The product itself may be fine, but to us it's like a marketing version of crying wolf.

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