Razer says 'PC gaming not dead' ahead of Aug. 26 reveal

Razer teases August 26 announcement with "PC Gaming is not Dead" campaign.

We don't know what Razer is hinting at with its "PC gaming is not dead" teaser campaign, but whatever it is, we find out on August 26. You can scan the official promo site, complete with countdown timer, here. You may also have seen the full page ad it ran in the Wall Street Journal this morning.

If we had to guess what Razer might be revealing this Friday, the Switchblade gaming Netbook comes to mind. Demonstrated at this year's CES in prototype form, the Switchblade featured a 7-inch display and programmable LCD-based buttons for customizing the interface.

While such a device might indeed be interesting, building a marketing campaign on the long debunked "PC gaming is dead" trope feels awkward and lazy. Let's hope whatever Razer announces on Friday has more finesse.

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