Raspberry Pi smart glasses subtitle foreigners in real time

Wouldn't it be cool if speakers of languages you didn't understand got subtitled? CNET reader Will Powell thought so, so he went about building some translating specs.

Screenshot by Crave UK

Wouldn't it be handy if when someone was speaking a foreign language, subtitles appeared just below their face? CNET reader Will Powell thought so, so he built some glasses that make you feel like you're in an arthouse movie.

Using some 3D specs, a couple of mics, a smartphone, a few cables, and two Raspberry Pi mini-computers, Powell hacked together a working automatic translation system -- and he's made a video showing it working.

Powell, a programmer with a background is in Adobe Flex and AS3, was inspired by Google's high-concept Glass project.

"I can have a conversation with Elizabeth who speaks Spanish to me and I return with English," he explains. "I have never learned Spanish but using the glasses I can have a full conversation."

Read more of "Raspberry Pi smart glasses subtitle foreigners in real time," and see Powell's video, at Crave UK.

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