Rain won't stop Nike from checking your performance

A new version of the Nike+ Sportband features a screen with a white background and improved water resistance.

Cross heavy rain off your list of excuses for not getting outside to see if you've improved your running performance.

Nike+ Sportband
The Nike+ Sportband's two-tone wristbands now come in gray-pink, gray-yellow, or black-red. Nike

A new version of the Nike+ Sportband--an armband that gives runners real-time information on distance, pace, time, and calories burned--now comes with a welded seal to improve water resistance, a feature that seems to be a market trend.

The new version also has a screen with a white background to enhance visibility. It goes on sale Wednesday for $59.

Nike+ Sportsband works much like the Nike + iPod Sports Kit, but with a separate armband instead of the media player communicating with the sensor that's fitted into the running shoe.

Runners can upload their stats to NikePlus.com, which recently merged with nikerunning.com. Accounts can now be personalized, and there's also a social-network feature for communication with other runners.

An alternative for those who don't want the sensor in the shoe, or maybe are not into running but cycling or skiing, are smartphone applications such as RunKeeper, using the phone's in-built GPS for tracking.

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